If you're raised Mormon, you have a plan all laid out for you: baptism at age eight, meetings every week, scouting and the priesthood (if you're a boy), perhaps a mission and/or BYU, then temple marriage, kids of your own, and finally exaltation.

But not everybody sticks to the script.

Exmormon is a series of eight-and-a-half novellas about the kids of three Mormon families as they try to follow the straight-and-narrow path but occasionally strike out on their own. Their stories neither praise Mormonism nor condemn it. Growing up Mormon may or may not be a tragedy; losing your childhood belief may or may not be a failure -- but either way, it's an adventure.

"I bought the book after looking at the blog. I couldn't stop reading it because I could relate to it so much. I grew up Mormon and I haven't been a practicing Mormon since I left BYU as a teen/young adult. I could really relate to the Mormon culture and also relate to not fitting into that culture. I brought it with me on a Christmas family trip to Mexico and my Mormon relatives were into it also and wanted to read it.

It was hilarious at times and also touched me to the core, this book. This is one of my favorite books ever, a book I could read again or pass on to jackmormon buddies and relatives, seriously love it! I'm so glad someone wrote about what it can be like growing up Mormon and in that culture." --reikish [Amazon review]

"This was an amazing novel. I usually don't read fiction books, but decided to give this one a try, due to my leaving the LDS Church. It touched on so many of my experiences of growing up in the LDS Church and many of the reasons that I left. Anyone is considering leaving, even briefly should read this book." -- R. Campbell [Amazon Review]

"I laughed many times as I recognized my early life in it. I would come home on my lunch break just to read it." -- bubbleboy [RfM]

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