Mormon Alumni Association Books is an informal cooperative organization dedicated to promoting LDS-interest books. It consists of this website and an associated Facebook group.

Mormon Alumni Association Books provides book reviews (generally posted on Main Street Plaza) as well as editing/feedback and publicity (in the form of a page on this site) to authors free of charge.

Is MAA Books a non-profit organization?

It is "non-profit" in the sense that it does not generate revenue. However, it is not legally registered as a non-profit organization (yet). It is a hobby project run (and paid for) by C.L. Hanson.

Who is C.L. Hanson?

"C.L. Hanson" or "chanson" is the pen-name of the owner of this website (who is currently typing this FAQ in third-person). Chanson's real identy is not a secret, but does not appear on this site or on its two companion sites for SEO reasons. See here for my real identity. To contact, just email chanson dot exmormon at gmail dot com.

What's the connection with Main Street Plaza and Outer Blogness?

Main Street Plaza and Outer Blogness are companion websites that are also run by chanson as a hobby. Outer Blogness is a blog aggregator of LDS-interest (mostly ex-Mormon) blogs and Main Street Plaza is a community blog whose most popular feature is Sunday in Outer Blogness: a weekly round-up of links to interesting blog posts and other articles.

How can I get my book (or blog) listed?

Email chanson: chanson dot exmormon at gmail dot com

Is there anythink I can do to help?

Yes, please participate in the discussion on Main Street Plaza and write us some blog posts! And please share links to these sites on all of your favorite social media platforms!